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Over The Falls

No time to go to sightseeing at the falls? We can bring the falls to you. Only a handful of people in history have conquered Niagara Falls in a barrel, the first being Annie Taylor, in 1901. Let us help you create your own adventure over the falls! Our life-sized barrel can fit anywhere from 1-20 people in one shot. Our advanced Niagara Falls background makes the water look like it’s actually moving behind you. Perfect for conventions or events of any size. Pictures like this give your guests a momento they’ll never forget. You also have the option of incorporating your company or event name right on the photo for a more personalized keepsake. Barreling over the falls is a great way to bring unforgettable fun to any venue.

We can combine the Barrel with our portable Green Screen technology for even more creative backgrounds. Want to float in space? Or float down the Nile River instead? We can do that too, the options are endless. We have more than 10,000 backgrounds in our library, which include both animated backgrounds, computer-generated graphics and still images. You can Barrel around the world, whenever, wherever!


So keep your hands and feet inside the Barrel at all times and get ready for a fun and bumpy ride!