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Photography and Videography

The services that Migz Media Group can bring you extend far beyond photography. We work on all aspects of marketing and advertising, photo, video, web and design. With a floor-to-ceiling green screen and the capacity to handle any print, video or web-design job, Migz Media Group stands ready to help capture your vision and make it shine – in whatever medium you want! Need more information on a Photography/Videography service that we offer? Click on the icon and it will direct you to our Migz Photography page, specifically designed to give you more information and precise access to our photo galleries.


It’s more then just a click of the lens. It’s the art of capturing the moment. From capturing the highlights of a special event to creating a personal portfolio, Migz covers it all. Every moment is worth remembering, so make sure Migz Photography is there to capture it for you. You can work with us in our state-of-the-art studio, or we can come to you.


Want to take memories to a whole other level? Videography is the perfect way to capture the essence of an event in an unforgettable way. With Migz Photography’s special attention to detail, you’ll feel like you’re reliving the moment every time you watch it.

Green Screen

Set the scene with our portable Green Screen, the largest in the Buffalo area. With this technology and a few clicks of our camera, we can have you swimming with the sharks or dancing on the moon! Let your imagination run wild because anything is possible.

Over The Falls

No time to go to sightseeing at the falls? We can bring the falls to you. Let us help you create your own adventure over the falls! Our life-sized barrel can fit anywhere from 1-20 people in one shot. Our advanced Niagara Falls background makes the water look like it’s actually moving behind you.

Event Photography

Whether it’s an intimate birthday party or a larger event like a bar mitzvah, wedding, or corporate event, having an experienced professional photographer will ensure that your event gets the BEST possible coverage.

Sporting Events

When it comes to sports, we’re here to capture your once-in-a-lifetime action shots. Our professional sports photographer, John, has many years experience when it comes to shooting at sporting events. He knows exactly where be at exactly the right time, to ensure that you get the best pictures possible.

On Site

Capture your precious moments, as they’re happening. We take a photo-journalistic approach for complete coverage and compelling shots including candid shots to capture movement.

Aerial Photography

Take your pictures to the next level, literally. Aerial photography gives you the option to capture a photo from a completely different viewpoint, creating once in a lifetime pictures.

Team Pictures

We strive to make photo day not only fun for the kids, but easy and fun for the parents as well. Each league gets their own custom designed graphics for composites, sports cards and magazine covers using your organizations logo and colors!